Waffle Plans and Pricing

We offer plans for open source, individuals, organizations, and enterprises. Each plan includes unlimited users and unlimited projects!

view any public repo without even logging in


  • Slack Integration

    Receive Slack notifications in your channel of choice when cards move on your Waffle board.

  • Pull Request Status

    See in real-time whether your PR has passed, failed or is pending directly on your board.

  • Pull Request Reviewers

    Know instantly who's reviewing your PR and whether it was approved, commented, or changes requested. Also know if you have been requested to review and if changes were made after your last review.

  • WaffleBot

    The WaffleBot GitHub integration watches the work you do and updates your board automatically. Checkout our  guide  for more.

  • Multiple Repos on a Single Board

    Connect any number of GitHub repositories to a single board. View all of your open issues and pull requests for a single project, multiple projects, or across your entire organization.

  • Customizable Workflow

    Your board can be modified to fit your workflow - Waffle doesn't lock you in to any workflow convention. Need inspiration? Check out our development board to see how we do it.

  • Real-time

    Updates on your team's board, from GitHub or Waffle, will display on your collaborators' screens with no refresh necessary.

  • Filtering

    Get exactly the view you want, filter cards on your board via labels, issue text, milestone, and owner. Bookmark or share the URL of your favorite filtered views.