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Automate project status updates from Git and GitHub!

WaffleBot automatically updates your team's Waffle board based on your team's GitHub activity! Less interuptions. More doing.

WaffleBot automates updates for you

Update Your Board from Git and GitHub

Keep your Waffle board up to date by including keywords in your GitHub issues, branches, and pull requests to visually group related issues and pull requests and keep your Waffle board automatically up to date. And if you're using HUB, you can update your board from your favorite terminal or IDE.

Update your board from Git and GitHub

A Board That's Actually Useful for Developers

GitHub can be a busy place, especially if your team is working in multiple repositories. Waffle provides a single view of your team's GitHub activity updated in real-time, making it easy to see the status of pull requests, code reviews, CI jobs, and deployments at a glance. A board that's actually useful for developers.

See the real-time status of pull requests and CI jobs

Never get asked for a status update again.

WaffleBot automates over 100,000 updates per month.

Customize your Board's Workflow and Automation

WaffleBot automatically moves cards across your Waffle board based on your GitHub activity in issues, branches, and pull requests. Customize your board's columns and automation rules based on your team's workflow.

Customize your board workflow and automation

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