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Project Management, Made for Developers

Customizable workflow

Add and remove columns to fit how your team works. Waffle offers templates to help you get started with our most common workflows.


Get exactly the view you want by filtering cards on your board via labels, issue text, milestone, and owner. Bookmark or share the URL of your favorite filtered views.

Project Management

Many repositories in one view

Connect any number of GitHub repositories to a single board. View all of your open issues and pull requests for a single repository, multiple repositories, or across your entire organization.


WaffleBot updates your status, so you never have to again

WaffleBot listens to cues already in your development workflow and automatically updates the status of your work for you. Don’t worry about forgetting to drag your work to “Review,” WaffleBot automatically moved it for you.

WaffleBot Status

Build status and pull request review updates in real time

See the status of all of your pull requests in one place. Whether you’re waiting for a build to pass in CircleCI or waiting for a teammate to review your code, your Waffle board shows you in real time when reviews and builds happen.

When Mary approves Ali's pull request, Waffle circles Mary in green so Ali knows her pull request is ready to be merged.

Build Running

See in-progress builds from your favorite continuous integration tools, including CircleCI, TravisCI, Jenkins, and others. If it integrates with GitHub, it integrates automatically with Waffle!

See progress and track goals with metrics

Find out if you’re on track or not with Waffle’s burndown and throughput metrics. Built on top of your GitHub issues and pull requests, these metrics are tracking the actual work being done.

Burndown Graph
Throughput  Graph

Organize work with Epics and Dependencies

Easily create epic parent issues and track overall progress of children. Visualize what items are blocking your work on both pull requests and issues. See those blockers update as work is moved to done.

See the progress towards your epic as children issues are completed.

Epic CardCard with Dependencies

Know exactly what work is required by other issues and when those are completed instantly.

We live in Slack, too

Get a Slack notification every time a card moves across your board.

Waffle in Slack
Add To Slack

Track work after code complete

Multiple done columns allow you to track your work after the code has been completed. Add deployments to see the status of your deploys to staging and production. Move cards automatically if the deploy was successful.

Failed deploy status

Know instantly if something went wrong, red means the deploy failed.

Card showing successful deployment status

This deploy was successful to production and will automatically move to the Production column.

All of the above, for GitHub Enterprise

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