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JIRA Compares to Waffle

A single view for all of your team’s work

Waffle keeps teams in one place, with a single view to see all of your work in GitHub. Wondering what pull requests need your attention, or what you should work on next? Don’t worry about jumping around tabs to see if there are any pull requests you need to review or failing builds you need to fix, Waffle shows you everything your team needs to know in a simple board interface.

Single view for all of your team’s work

Connected to GitHub in real-time

Did a build just pass, or a pull request opened? See work update in realtime. Waffle connects directly to your GitHub issues and pull requests, so there’s no duplicate work and you’re not jumping back and forth between tools. Waffle even moves work for you based on actions you’re already doing.

Connected to GitHub

Powerful metrics to track progress

Waffle tracks the actual work being done by your team. Understand your team’s throughput and progress towards milestones with metrics that are always up to date.

Burndown Graph
Throughput  Graph

See for yourself

Compare features below to make the best choice for your team.

Feature comparisonWaffleJIRA
Track issues on a scrum board
Automated workflow
Agile metrics
Tied directly to GitHub issues and pull requests
Real-time status for automated builds
Real-time status for pull request reviews

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