You open source your code, right?

Why don't you open source your workflow?

GitHub users want a way to help out on open source projects.

waffle.io places a dynamic badge in your GitHub README file for all to see where they can help.

Clicking that badge takes anyone to your public waffle.io board
where users can view and edit tasks.

(For an active example, take a look at our board.)

Hungry for waffles already?


Just syrup on top

GitHub Issues

We use GitHub Issues as our data model. So when a change is made on your waffle.io board, it is automatically updated as a GitHub issue and label. Also, creating an issue in GitHub will make a card in waffle.io.

This is how you waffle


Pull Request

Fill out the form above and go to your board. From there you can send and accept a pull request to yourself on behalf of waffle.io to access your badge.


The Badge

Now a dynamic, clickable badge is placed in your README. Anyone can easily see how much work needs to be done on your project.


The Board

Clicking the badge takes you to the board where you can edit tasks if you're a collaborator and view if you're not.




Open source is free and always will be

  • Anyone can access your board and workflow
  • Badge on your README
  • Inline editing on cards
  • Add issues without leaving your board
  • See GitHub labels on cards


$4 per month

Get started by choosing your repo

  • + Any collaborator can access the board
  • Inline editing on cards
  • Add cards/issues inside waffle.io
  • Labels on cards that correspond to GitHub labels
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